The Tools Toolbox

The Smithsonian X 3D explorer provides a number of tools to further explore 3D models. The tools toolbox is the central place to access them.

Tools Toolbox

1  Click to enable the measuring tape. Then click two points on the model to measure the distance between them. Yellow pins connected by a white line will show you the exact location of the measurement points.

2  Distance measurement results  can be displayed in imperial or metric units. Chose your preferred setting here.

3  4  5  Click one of these buttons to activate cross-section mode. You can select between 3 principal directions. Cross-section is only available if the current model is displayed in 3D mode.

6  Drag the slider to change the position of the cut plane.

7  Use this switch to change the direction of the cross-section.

8  If in 2.5D view mode, this button enables the height profile display.

Measuring Tape

Two yellow pins indicate the start and end points of the current measurement.


Cross Section Tool

Use the cross-section tool to cut through objects and reveal their inner structure.

Height Profile

In 2.5D view mode, the height profile reveals additional details about the surface of an object.