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Smithsonian Voyager

Open source 3D explorer and authoring tool suite.
Voyager is part of the Smithsonian’s Digitization Program Office’s 3D foundation pipeline. It forms a great team with The Cook, our automated 3D processing tool.
Voyager Explorer
Feature-rich 3D viewer web component.
Voyager Story
Quality inspection, authoring of experiences, annotations, articles, tours.

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Voyager Documentation (

Smithsonian/dpo-voyager: DPO Voyager - 3D Explorer and Tool Suite (

Smithsonian Cook

3D data processing made easy.
Processing 3D models can be tedious. For tasks such as mesh decimation, creation of UV coordinates, map baking, and file conversion, dozens of tools are available. There is currently no “one size fits all” solution. Often it takes a lot of expertise, time and patience to find a chain of tools which work nicely together.
The Cook simplifies the processing of 3D model, mesh, and texture data by providing a simplified interface for about a dozen of the most widely used processing tools. Recipes define processing workflows, where a set of files is processed by multiple tools.
The Cook is implemented as a Node.js server and can be controlled via web API, a web user interface, or via command line tool.
To set up and deploy cook , having someone with system administration access is a big plus. Also you’ll need to already have the tools cook uses installed, with the proper licenses when necessarily. Once setup is complete, using Cook is a breeze!

Smithsonian 3D API

The API for 3D file content has been released as version 1.0 and should be considered alpha. As we continue to grow we will introduce new features and enhance the response stream. The file search endpoint creates an opportunity to search across metadata access points relating to 3D objects at the Smithsonian and to filter those result sets by model_type,file_type, quality and other qualities.. All files referenced in these response streams are released as part of the Smithsonian's Open Access Initiative. Read more about that project at SI's website for Open Access.
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