Tyrannosaurus rex

Tyrannosaurus rex

This T. rex skeleton was unearthed in Montana beginning in 1988. It is posed over a Triceratops horridus. While the T. rex is the fossilized remains of a single animal, the Triceratops is a composite model made possible through digital technology, scaling bones from different specimens to the same size to create this skeleton. This dynamic mount will serve as the focal point of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History’s David H. Koch Hall of Fossils – Deep Time exhibit opening June 8, 2019.

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About the Process

3D scans were completed in two phases:

  1. In April of 2014, sixteen wooden crates containing the Nation’s T. rex arrived at the museum from Montana. After conservators performed an evaluation of the bones, the 3D scanning team used handheld 3D scanners to capture high-resolution surface and color information from each bone. In all, the team individually captured each of the 200+ bones that comprise the entire T. rex skeleton.

  2. In February of 2016, the team visited the bones again while they were being mounted and posed in Ontario, Canada. Seen in the video here, the entire assembly was captured using Lidar scanning technology. These new scans mapped how the bones fit together to form the articulated, dynamic skeletons you see on display.


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  • 3D Print Ready - Triceratops Skull, 1:20 scale, .STL (3MB)
  • 3D Print Ready - T. rex Skull, 1:20 scale, .STL (47MB)
  • Water-tight - T. rex and Triceratops full skeletons, 1:20 scale, .STL (48MB)

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  • Master Model - T. rex and Triceratops full skeletons Model , .OBJ and .PNG (7.62 GB)
  • Web Ready - T. rex and Triceratops full skeletons, .OBJ and .JPG (48.6 MB)
  • AR experience for use on iPhones running iOS 12, .USDZ (11.0 MB)