Voyager Paint

Add some color to a Smithsonian object!

We were working on creating a tool to allow our curators to highlight specific areas of interest on a model, and we realized it could be used for fun, creative purposes as well!

To get started:

  1. In the Voyager window, select your model name (wooly-mammoth) in the "Nodes" menu on the left
  2. Select a color and brush size in the "Paint" menu
  3. Navigate between "Interact"

    and "Paint"

    to move the model and paint on it's surface

  4. You can paint on the model or on to the texture map on the "Paint Texture Map" menu
  5. Notice the other options under the "Paint" menu for erasing, filling the entire model with color, and clearing the model of color.
  6. When your masterpiece is complete, you can pose it in the "Explorer" pane and select "Save Screenshot" in the top right! Post your creation on social media and tag us: @smithsonian3d