Voyager Story Standalone

Create a Voyager experience with your own 3D model!
Welcome to Voyager Story, the backend user interface for authoring 3D Voyager scene.
To start, drag and drop any .glb, .gltf, or Voyager scene package into the Voyager pane above. Don’t have a model ready but want to try out Voyager Story? Download this practice model or grab your favorite Smithsonian model (or Explore to find a new favorite) using the  

  button a on the model's web page.

If you have a model you want to use, but it’s not a .glb or .gltf, you can use the babylon.js sandbox to convert your model to a .glb:
  • Drag and drop your model into the sandbox’s browser window
  • Click
  • Click
  • Under “Scene Export” Click “Export to GLB”
or if you’re feeling ambitious, you can convert your file to a glb using Blender.
The general workflow for authoring a scene in Voyager is:
  1. Add 3D assets to your scene via drag and drop (You’ll need to assign each asset to a model and give it a quality level)
  2. Give your scene a title
  3. Pose the models in your scene
  4. Create thumbnails and assign a starting camera position
  5. Add content!
    1. Annotations!
    2. Articles!
    3. Tours!
  6. Save, publish, repeat!
For more in depth directions on each step see the How to Use the App section of our Voyager Documentation page
When you have finished creating your Voyager scene, learn how to embed it on your own website!