Apollo 11 Command Module Hatch

Apollo 11 Command Module Hatch

This 3-D model of the main crew hatch from Columbia, the Command Module (CM) flown on the historic Apollo 11 lunar landing mission, was produced by a high-resolution scan of the actual hatch. Columbia (CM-107) is part of the space history collection of the Smithsonian Institution's National Air and Space Museum.

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About the Project

This year, the world celebrates the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 - the first time humankind set foot on the moon. The Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum (NASM) collaborated with Adam Savage and Tested.com on a special build project to commemorate this historic event. Using advanced 3D scans of the Apollo 11 Command Module, captured by the Smithsonian’s Digitization Program Office, and original engineering drawings from the Smithsonian archives, Adam will construct a life size replica of the CM hatch to exhibit at NASM.


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  • 3D Print Ready- 1:4 scale, 3mm shell .stl (23.8 MB)
  • Reverse Engineered Components Package, Project Egress- .STL (7 MB)

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We strive to make as much of our content available for download as possible. As such we are providing the original high resolution “master model” as well as the compressed version you see in the viewer. You will also find here the technical drawings and CAD model derived from the master model and used for Project Egress. As an added bonus we’ve added a .USDZ model that can be viewed in AR on an iPhone or iPad, just open it from your ‘Files’ application and take a look! 
  • AR experience for use on iPhones running iOS 12, .USDZ (7.02 MB)
  • Reverse Engineered Blender Model- .blend (791 MB)
  • Master Model- 15 million polygons .OBJ and .PNG (140 MB)
  • Web Ready- .OBJ and .JPG (12.6 MB)
  • Reverse Engineered Fusion 360 CAD Model - .f3z (42 MB)
  • Reverse Engineered Technical Drawings, Project Egress - .PDF (33 MB)
  • Reverse Engineered Gear Box and Part Updates - .f3z, .f3d (186 MB)